This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme


Once you arrive in the citadel, you will notice that Sighișoara becomes a hub in which culture, history and crafts take over and enchant you. Various activities will cover all the visitors’ interests and satisfy all wishes. Local investments and the dedication of volunteers involved in developing the area generated a positive impact in the community, offering every year new welcoming posibilites for people visiting.



Lets visit together the most interesting local venues and collections.



Discover the cake shop which sells the cakes with the best lemon filling.



We know you'd love a flat white while observing the city from above.


Regardless of the season, Sighișoara is an oasis of calm in a turbulent world as the one we all live and work in today.

You will always encounter here activities to feed the mind and make your soul sing.

Traditional festivals. Restaurants with nice food. Charming belvedere spots.


We are already doing a good job. We are always in need of a helping hand though. We are working in an environment with breathtaking landscapes and vibrant communities inhabited by the wellcoming people in villages of Transylvania. When you volunteer with us, you get full immersed into this unique experience. Together with other volunteers, they will live in a Transylvanian village, surrounded by beautiful nature and centuries-old traditions. 


Cultfort – Urban Cultural Fortress is a project created and implemented by Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET). The main activity of this project is to prepare the Butchers’Tower & Bastion in the Citadel to become a venue for quality cultural events in Sighișoara. But we would also like to give you some more context: this place is right next to our office in Furriers’ Tower and it was a bit difficult for us to see its state of degradation and how it slowly becomes a ruin; so we found a way or we might better say 3 ways (3 grants) to restore it, to conserve it and to integrate it into the city life. The first grant came from the Horizon Foundation in the Netherlands for the technical project. Now, at the end of year 2022, conservation and restoration works sustained also by the Horizon Foundation with a second financing are under way; as we are talking about a monument built in the 16th century, we are working closely with archaeologists and we are advancing with a lot of care.


Colour, history, culture: all these will be part of the visitors’ experience the moment they walk into the citadel. Here is a short preview to help you discover Sighișoara in time: past, present and also future.









The tour of Sighisoara for the people of Sighisoara

Starting on Thursday, October 13, 2022, we’ve set out to “Discover local history and cultural identity” together. During these informative workshops, we will see the city in a new light, together with a guide who knows almost everything about it – Peter Suciu – and other people who love Sighisoara and live here. The meeting and departure point is right from the Butchers Tower & Bastion.

The cultural Coffee: 3 editions in 2022

The time has come to plan the discussion of an attractive topic, such as the cultural strategy of the city of Sighisoara. First, we will meet people with initiative who are active in the cultural life of Sighisoara. Then, we will work together over a coffee in the city. Finally, we will discuss concrete projects and choose the possible ones that we can organize together and for which we have the necessary resources.